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Festival Schedule

October 3 
National Academic Yanka Kupalas Theatre (Minsk, Belorus) 
Spinelessness in 1 act 
Directed by Ekaterina Averkova 

Duration 1h 40 min 

Five office workers stand in front of their boss cabinet. Theyve gathered their courage and they are ready to enter the lair. They wanted to make a good impression, so they carefully thought over each word and rehearsed in front of the mirror. The meeting with the Boss is thought out to the last detail from the back posture to the finest intonation. 

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October 4 
Masterskaya Theatre (Saint Petersburg) 
And Quite Flows the Don 

Life of the Tatarskiy farmstead in 2 parts and 4 acts 
Directed by Grigoriy Kozlov 
Duration 8 h with 3 intervals 

And Quite Flows the Don is the diploma work of Grigoriy Kozlovs theatre in Saint 
Petersburg State Academy of Theatrical Art. The work at the Sholokhovs novel lasted 
more than ten years. It took less than a year for it to become an remarkable event in the life of he city. All professional critics, experienced and young theatre audience, note the importance of not only theartistic, but also the public and the political content of the play. 

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October 5 (small stage) 
Rostov-on-Don Academic Youth Theatre (Rostov-on-Don) 
Monsieur Ibrahim 

A sentimental comedy by the novel of E. E. Schmitt 
Directed by Mikhail Zaets 
Duration 1h 30 min 

When I was eleven, I broke my piggy bank and took off to the prostitutes. So begins the funny and touching travel of Momo, a boy from the Blue Street, from childhood to the world of grownups. The gorgeous Brigit Bordeaux, the mysterious Arab Ibrahim, his father a layer, mystical Sufis all are milestones on his way from Paris to Istanbul. Momo runs cheerfully through the life restlessly rolling the globe. 

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October 6 (Street performance at the Svobodi Square) 
Independent Theatre Company LIQUID THEATRE (Moscow) 
"De Vliegende Hollander 

Street show, site specific 
Directed by Aleksey Jerebtsov 
Duration 40 min 

Liquid Theatre is floating from one space into another. It is preactically the only theatre in Russia working in the site specific genre. The shows grow out of the place where the actors find themselves at this very moment: a park, a backyard of a residential house, theatre stairs, central city square or the outdoors of a former paper factory. For a new show they dont need a play, but an impulse, a topic, a spring that pushes the actors around. Having found themselves in different spots of one space they begin to work perfecting their skills dance, acrobatics, drama art The Liquids compose their shows using the experience of street, physical and visual theatre 

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October 7 (small stage) 
Lunacharskiy Sevastopol Academic Russian Drama Theatre (Sevastopol) 
Cabare Theatre 

Authorial show of Vitaliy Taganov, the honored artist of Ukrain. 
Duration 1h 30 min 

Circus acts, theatre, singing and dancing thats what Cabare Theatre is all about. 

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October 7 
Shot Rustaveli Georgian State Academic Theatre (Tiflis, Georgia) 
Maria Callas. A class 

Directed by Robert Sturua 
Duration - 1h 15 min 

Art is supremacy. This is when you make people think that at that moment there is only one way and one voice. Its yours. 

The play is about the times, when Maria Callas at the end of her carrier conducted workshops in Juilliard. Her weird and constantly changing character shows during the classes with her students - victims, as she used to call them. Acrid, sincere and surprisingly witty, she strives for her students perfect performance and, simultaneously, recalls her past. Sincerely and with a note of vanity, Maria remembers herself being an ugly duckling and hating her competitors. Then she conquered La Scala and the heart of the Greek baron Aristotle Onassis. Slowly, her amazing vulnerable personality shows through the shining of her star image. 

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October 8 (small stage) 
ZERO Theatre (Kiryat Ono, Israel) 
Woman in Dunes 

A philosophical parable 
Directed by Oleg Rodovilskiy, Marina Belyavtseva 

The theatre adaptation of a hieratic novel by Kobo Abe is a calling card of the ZERO theatre company. It enjoys recognition of true theatre admirers and literature experts, tones of positive critics and a rich international festivals history. 
in adaptation of Oleg Rodovilskiy and Marina Belyavtseva the philosophical novel by Kobo Abe turns into the story of the two an obscure, weird and touching love story in a mysterious environment... 
From Mass Media 

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October 9 
Macedonian National Theatre (Bitola, Macedonia) 

Drama in 2 acts 
Directed by Alexander Bargman 
Duration 2h 40 min with an act-wait 

The National Macedonian Theatres stage version of the A.P. Chekhov plays Ivanov is a failed comedy that develops into drama. A nervous, deeply emotional, sad, but eased with humor, the play is about a talented person who takes responsibility for the world he created and who couldnt bare the load of this responsibility, about the impossibility to break your nature and to run away of yourself, about the struggle for love between a man and a woman, about the desperate loneliness among people. The major part is played by Ognen Drangovski, who played the part of Shylock in Bill Buckhursts play The Merchant of Venice on the stage of the famous Shakespeare theatre Globus in London.

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