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Here is the brief history of our wonderful and colorful “MINIFEST”:


“Robinson Crusoe” (“Teatre del Angolo”, Italy)

“One Thousand Paper Cranes” (“The Improvisation Theatre”, USA)

“The Tiger’s Shadow” (“Pieny Suomi”, Finnland)

“Ishok” (“Teatro Viva”, Guatemala)

“A Box on the Balcony and the “Little Pi” (“Paraplue”, Denmark)

“Protuberant” (“Vezhbak”, Poland)

“The Secret” (“Theatre de Zhen Anne”, France)

“Dogs”, “Treasure Island” (The Rostov Young Spectator’s Theatre, USSR)


“Geuzen” (“Beggary”) and “The Heart” (“Rosa Sonnevansk”, Netherlands)

“Savage, called Victor” (“Teatro del Angolo”, Italy)

“The Ugly Ducklin” (“The California Theatre Centre”, USA)

“Ubi Roi” (“Theatre de Zhen Anne”, France)

“Here’s a Head, a Body and Wings” (Theatre-atelier “Bilsak”, Turkey)

“Let’s Play the Three Together” (“Seigei”, Japan)

“The Voluptuous Pleasure Which Pursues Me even in My Dream” (“The Theatre and Arts Centre in Hoishtaigshtrasse”, Germany)

“The Buzzing Fly” (The Rostov Young Spectator’s Theatre, USSR)

“The Flood” (The Rostov Young Spectator’s Theatre, USSR – England)

 MINIFEST – 1993

“The Chalk Circle” (“La Trepa”, Spain)

“Dees” (“Artemis”, Netherlands)

“The Absent Minded Man” (“The Yekaterinburg Young Spectator’s Theatre”, Russia)

“Dr-, dr-r, dr-r…” (“Seigei”, Japan and The Rostov Young Spectator’s Theatre, Russia)

“Dear Mist Theatre” (Seigei”, Japan)

“The Todd and The Frog” (“Musiktheatre”, Sweden)

“The Dragon” (“Folksteatr”, Germany)

“The Royal Love” (“Spiltheatre”, Belgium)

“Winnie the Pooh” (“The Tbilisi Young Spectator’s Theatre”, Georgia). The actors didn’t participate because of the military hostilities and complicated political situation in their country.

“Pugachyov” (The Rostov Young Spectator’s Theatre, Russia)


“Tarzan” (“Aurinkobaleti”, Finnland)

“The Sea Lights” (“Ksarksa”, Spain)

“Overcoat” (“Credo”, Bulgaria)

“Our Town” (The Moscow RAMT, Russia)

“The Wooden Horses’ Waltz”, “Newly Married”, “The Dovecot” (“Original Version”, France)

“The Lullaby” (“The Tbilisi Young Spectator’s Theatre”, Georgia)

“Hamlet”, “The Snuff-Box Town” (The Rostov Young Spectator’s Theatre, Russia)

Art-rock-duet “White Fortress” (“The Irkutsk Theatre”, Russia)

“Pinocchio” (“The Caslmilk” Amateur Theatre, Scottland)

ASSITEJ Congress Festival – 1996

“The Stripe” (“Company Stilema”, Italy)

“Moby Dick” (“The Idaho Theatre for Youth ”, USA)

“White Fang” (“Svobodnoye Prostranstvo”, Orel, Russia)

“Tommy” (“The Tbilisi Russian Young Spectator’s Theatre”, Georgia)

“The Storm” (“The Chelyabinsk Children and Youth Theatre”, Russia)

“Cow! Where are you?” (“The Kalmyk Youth Theatre”, Elista, Russia)

“Hamlet” (“Street Theatre”, Korea)

“Danish Story” (“The Yaroslavl Young Spectator’s Theatre”, Russia)

“Punch” (“Osobnyak”, St. Petersburg, Russia)

“The Absent Minded Man” (“The Yekaterinburg Young Spectator’s Theatre”, Russia)

15 performances more were shown in addition to the official programme.


“A Ballad about a Pipe” (“Teatro del Sole”, Italy)

“The Bird’s Amusement” (“Amalgama”, Brazil)

“Prophecy” (“Moduleikhusid”, Island)

“Goodbye, America!” (“The Moscow Young Spectator’s Theatre”, Russia)

“Krechinski Wedding (The Rostov Young Spectator’s Theatre, Russia)

“Some Like It Hot…” (“Class-center”, Moscow, Russia)

“Pupizh-Club” (St. Petersburg, Russia)

“Ticklish Allsorts” (“Splash”, Australia)

“The Linen Gouger” (“The Tashkent Youth Theatre”, Uzbekistan)

“The Marriage Bill” (“The Rostov State Musical Theatre”, Russia)

“Pinocchio” (“The Rostov State Academic drama Theatre named after Gorky”, Russia)

“The Little Mermaid” (“The Rostov Regional Puppet Theatre”, Russia)

“Trishy Brown Ballet” (USA)


“Shchonu Migran” (“Amazgain”, Armenia)

“Pierrot or Night Mysteries” (“Marienbad Theatre”, Germany)

“Richard III” (“The Tbilisi Municipal Theatre”, Georgia)

“A Girl with Matches” (“The Youth Theatre”, Uzbekistan)

“REhuVIliiZOR” (“The Young Theatre”, Ukraine)

“The Flight across the Ocean” (The “VAT” Theatre, Estonia)

“Wandering Angels” (“The Drama Theatre”, South Osetia)

“I’m Making a Secret” (The “Luna” Theatre, Moscow, Russia)

“The Seagull” (“The Rostov Youth Theatre, Russia)


“How I’ve eaten a Dog” (Evgeni Grishkovets, Kaliningrad, Russia)

“Oedipus-Tsar” (“Teatr na Liteinom”, St. Petersburg, Russia)

“Nevsky Avenue” (“Potudan” Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russai)

“Shylock” (“Et Cetera” Theatre, Moscow, Russia)

“Oxigen” (“Teatr.doc”, Moscow, Russia)

“Ubi Roi” (“Et Cetera” Theatre, Moscow, Russia)

“The Wedding”, “Maple Garden” (The Yekaterinburg “Provincialny Tantsi” Theatre, Russia)


“Madam Butterfly” (“The Rostov State Musical Theatre”, Russia)

“A Streetcar Named Desire” (“The Moscow Young Spectator’s Theatre”, Russia)

“Rothschild’s Violin” (“The Moscow Young Spectator’s Theatre”, Russia)

“Happy Days” (“The Pushkin Theatre”, Moscow, Russia)

“Kashtanka” (“The Yekaterinburg Young Spectator’s Theatre”, Russia)

“The Marriage” (“The Mayakovsky Theatre”, Moscow, Russia)


“What Does Mr. Bert Like” (“Kopergieteri”, Belgium)

“Tondo Redondo” (“Da te Dansa”, Spain)

“Killer Whale” (“St. Petersburg State Youth Theatre at Fontanka”, Russia)

“Arash” (Kalmyk Republican Young Spectator’s Theatre “Jangar”)

“Palimpseston” (“SamArt” Theatre, Samara, Russia)

“Little Demon” (“Rostov-on-Don Academic Youth Theatre”, Russia)

“Just in Case Fairytales” (“The RAMT”, Moscow, Russia)

“Tsar Pjotr” (Theatre-Festival “Baltiyski Dom”, St. Petersburg, Russia)

“The Husband is Always Right” (“Credo” Bulgaria)

“Little Red Riding Hood” (“Patrasket”, Denmark)

 “Exercise” (The Open Show of the International Project “The Young for the Children”


”97 and a Half Steps along the Road that Flies above the Back of a Dragon Sleeping in the Ocean” (“Novgorod Youth Theatre”, Russia

“Beowulf” (“The Telling Theatre”, Denmark)

“Russia – Odyssey” (Murmansk, Russia – France)

“A Cloud Wearing Pants” (France)

“Toys” (“The Rostov-on-Don Academic Youth Theatre, Russia)


“Spinelessness in 1 act” (“National Academic Yanka Kupala’s Theatre” ,Minsk, Belorus)

“And Quite Flows the Don” (“Masterskaya” Theatre, Saint Petersburg, Russia)

“Monsieur Ibrahim…” (“Rostov-on-Don Academic Youth Theatre”, Russia)

"De Vliegende Hollander” (“Liquid Theatre”, Moscow, Russia)

“Cabare Theatre” (“Lunacharskiy Sevastopol Academic Russian Drama Theatre”, Russia)

“Maria Callas. A Class” (“Shot Rustaveli Georgian State Academic Theatre”, Georgia)

“Woman in Dunes” (“ZERO” Theatre, Israel)

“Ivanov” (“Macedonian National Theatre”, Macedonia)


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